Who We Are

St. Christopher, Panania parish is a welcoming and supportive community of believers inspired by the life of Jesus Christ. We are called to make Christ present in our parish, in our local community and in the world.

Our mission is to know Christ and to make him known; to be a community committed to discovering Christ present in each person through our ministry to each other, our service to the wider community, the joyful celebration of the Eucharist and other sacraments, and our active concern for social justice.

We have a parish of over 1200 members providing many ministries, including the catechist program servicing local state schools, St Vincent De Paul assisting the needy in our local community, Legion of Mary and Divine Mercy ministries, as well as many others. The parish church is located in the heart of the local shopping centre and next to our St Christopher’s Primary school, so it is a visible presence in our suburb.

St. Christopher, Panania runs a successful parish based sacramental program. The parent’s involvement in the preparation of each sacrament of Reconciliation, Communion and Confirmation proves to be an opportunity to walk together with their children on their spiritual journey.

St Christopher’s Parish welcomes all who come through it’s doors to be nourished in faith. We are a community of believers seeking to share the good news of the gospel with all who seek to develop and strengthen their own faith in Jesus Christ. We are committed to living the beliefs we profess and we do this by sharing ourselves and our resources through our many ministries and through pastoral care to those in the community.